Updated Prices: Sept 15th

First visit - $95

(First visit: total session length 45 minutes- Initial consultation 15 minutes, plus 30 minutes acupuncture). Any/All of the following may be included in your initial visit: acupuncture (front and/or back), ear acupuncture, scalp acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, nutritional therapy (according to TCM), guasha, e-stim (electrical stimulation) acupuncture, herbal consultation. Herbal consultation may be included free on the initial visit, however the cost of the herbs is an additional $20 - $25 / week (60 to 80g of powdered concentrated herbs to be mixed into hot water).

Follow up visits:

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We suggest online booking for follow ups only. If you choose to book your first appointment online, you must provide a phone for the initial consult, or call 1-808-387-9647 or (google phone 1-469-333-2901). If you don't have time to speak with us before your first appointment, then we consider you as SPAM or ROBOT.

Herbal consultation - $35 if stand alone. This is for the price of the herbal prescription and consult only. Herbs are at an additional cost (generally $20-$25/week)

Addiction / Smoking Cessation Acupuncture Packages - 6 visits for $240 per person ($40 per session). The first visit includes initial consult with 45 minutes acupuncture, while the remaining follow ups are for 15 minutes of ear acupuncture. This is the most economical approach. For addiction the NADA ear acupuncture protocol is generally recommended for quit smoking.

Generally speaking the full hour (front and back acupuncture) is advisable for clients who can only come 1-2x/ month due to travel considerations, whereas the 15 minute sessions are advisable for clients who are coming 2-3x/ week, etc.

Acupuncture is normally prescribed as 10-12 sessions for one course of treatments, it is unrealistic to expect radical results with just one visit. Ask for discounts on prepaid packages, after your first visit.

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Weight Loss Acupuncture Packages - For best results we generally suggest at least 10 visits, over a 10 week period, of 30 minutes acupuncture PLUS herbal prescription. Total discounted price for weight loss acupuncture is $675 which includes 10 weeks of custom herbal prescription and ten 30 minute acupuncture sessions. Because herbs are VERY important for correcting the underlying imabalances that make weight loss difficult, the cost of the herbs is already included in this price. We generally do not suggest acupuncture for weight loss without also including herbs and diet changes. Also included with any weight loss package, are 3 free of charge Chinese TCM nutritional consultations. 10 visits plus 10 weeks herbs plus 3 Chinese nutrition consults - for $675 - This package deal price includes approximately 25 percent discount for pre-payment.

Complete A la carte Pricing:
  • Acupuncture 30 minutes - $45 (may include guasha, cupping, up to 20 needles)
  • Acupuncture 45 minutes - $60 (may include Chinese nutrition consulation, cupping, moxibustion, guasha, 7 needle, E-stim, up to 30 needles)
  • Acupuncture 60 minutes - $75, includes any therapies above, plus front and back acupuncture, up to 50 needles
  • Chinese Nutrition Consultation (a la carte) - $45
  • Custom Chinese Herbal Prescription - $10 when filled at our clinic ($25 otherwise)... prescription only does not include the cost of the herbs.
  • Chinese herbs: $20 - $25 per week depending body size and grams prescribed.
  • Cupping (15 minutes) a la carte - $25

  • Note: cupping, moxibustion, guasha, 7-needle, and TCM nutrition consult is generally most affordable when combined with acupuncture at the rates posted above.

Prayers to Jesus Christ- administered verbally with every treatment, no charge. Upon request only.

Truth Serum- administered verbally with every treatment at no charge. Upon request only.

We have 2 tables, and we do offer discounts to couples who come together (10% off) and also a 10% discount to any clients who prepay 10 or more visits.

In general a complete treatment regiment consists of 10 to 12 visit per person. just like chiropractic or physical therapy, it is generally unrealistic to expect to achieve radical change with just 1 visit.

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